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Q2 2011

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New Business Case Analysis demonstrates how DCTC increased Revenue and Registrations using Lumens

A new business case analysis from Augusoft and the National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship (NACCE) describes how Dakota County Technical College (DCTC) in Rosemont, MN was able to generate revenue through its four entrepreneurial units and significantly increase non-credit program registrations and streamline its processes using Lumens®, Augusoft's web-hosted enrollment management system. (Read full report here)

Second Annual Lumens Certification Institute a Success

Lumens users gathered recently in Minneapolis along with LERN consultants and Augusoft’s customer service team for the second annual Lumens Certification Institute. This exclusive, 4-day intensive certification program, which is part of the LERN Institutes, was hailed as a “great success” by the 15 Lumens users in attendance this year.

The Lumens Certification Institute is designed to teach Lumens users how to apply LERN's best practice principles using Lumens-generated data to boost registrations, increase operating margins, and run an efficient organization.

Lifelong Learning is the Secret to Happiness in Old Age

By Jerome Monahan and Joe Clancy
The Guardian
May 17, 2011

Not only can learning during the later stages of life bring happiness, wellbeing and a connection to the wider community for those studying, it can also reduce dependency on welfare.


Why Are So Many Students Still Failing Online?

By Rob Jenkins
The Chronicle
May 22, 2011

Online learning has become the third rail in American higher-education politics: Step on it and you're toast. That's especially true at community colleges, where many leaders have embraced online courses with an almost religious fervor. And we all know why. It's not because anyone is seriously arguing that online classes are consistently better than the face-to-face versions. And it's not even necessarily because students are clamoring for them (although they're clearly popular in certain segments of the population, such as stay-at-home parents, people with full-time jobs, and deployed members of the armed forces). It's because colleges can produce online courses much more cheaply while charging roughly the same tuition. (continue)

Online Ed Trends at Community Colleges

By David Moltz
Inside Higher Ed
May 18, 2011

Community colleges reported an increase in the percentage of institutions with non-credit offerings online according to a national survey of two-year institutions released by the Instructional Technology Council, an affiliated council of the American Association of Community Colleges. Seventy-three percent of the community colleges surveyed noted that they offer noncredit online classes. This is up 9 percent from the year before.


Benefits of Offering Online Courses

LERN Magazine
Summer 2011

Online courses have been growing at an exponential rate for the last ten years, and have surged as a hot continuing education format for working adults since 2008. The following article from the current issue of LERN Magazine provides a summary of the benefits to providers of offering online courses. (continue)

Summer 2011 LERN Magazine (for members)


Technology Update

Campus IT Plans for Increased Cloud Adoption

By David Nagel
Campus Technology
May 26, 2011

American colleges and universities are expanding their adoption of cloud technologies. According to new research released Thursday, higher education institutions will spend about a quarter of their IT budgets on the cloud within five years.


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